Difficulties with reading, writing and spelling (Literacy)


Difficulties with reading, writing and spelling can make everyday school tasks extremely challenging for children! Not only do children need to learn to read, write and spell during their school years, they also need to use their ability to read to build their knowledge in other areas (e.g. reading textbooks). Therefore, children who struggle with literacy skills are at risk of falling behind in a range of areas at school.


Children who are struggling with literacy may perform poorly at school, appear uninterested in class, require longer amounts of time to complete their work or have difficulty understanding written information. They may write letters incorrectly, have trouble sounding out words and require assistance to read written information that is appropriate for their age. These difficulties may prevent them from progressing at the same as their peers across a range of subject areas.


Why is it important to see a Speech Pathologist for difficulties with reading, writing and spelling?

A Speech Pathologist will assess your child’s reading, writing and spelling skills and identify their areas of strengths as well as the areas where your child requires further support. From here, the Speech Pathologist is able to develop an individualised therapy program to address your child’s needs and build their literacy skills.

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